Vitamin D3 10,000 IU | 100-Gelcaps

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Vitamin D3 10,000 IU Per Gelcap

Highly Concentrated Vitamin 'D' 10,000 IU's

Vitamin 'D' in a hard to attain high IU formula like this, has proven to be excellent in building a powerful immune system. Paired with other support products, it makes a complete 1-2 punch to the root cause of your body's unhealthy condition. Vitamin D3 is also recommended for use for best preventional measures. Vitamin 'D' for many years has been deemed as the 'immune system regulator' by many health experts.

It has been said that people 'believe' that they are getting sick with the flu during the winter due to the coldness of the air and change of temperatures. Or, that we are all congregating indoors trying to stay warm, hence, the spread of the flu and common cold. However, studies have now proven that the lack of high levels of Vitamin D is the root of the problem. With very few sunny days and limited exposure to Vitamin D from the sun, points us to the cause of our immune deficiencies.


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