Serranex-FT + Clinizymes Combo

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You Are On Your Way To Better Health!


Serranex-FT + Clinizymes (New! Formerly Nattolizyme) Combo Pack

A perfect combination and highly recommended. By taking just these two products together, you can literally improve your health in many different ways. Studies have been conducted for 30-years on the health benefits of these two products. We get an unbelievable amount of good comments and testimonials from our customers on these products. Do your own research for yourself and see how amazing 'Serrapeptase' & 'Nattokinase' truly are.

Serranex-FT is 120,000 Iu's per serving of highly concentrated serrapeptase. Clinizymes is a blend of advanced anti inflammatory ingredients. This combination is a must get for preventing and releiving many ailments in the human body.

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