Lubrisim-ST + Novusym-ADF

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Lubrisim-ST + Novusym-ADF

Lubrisim-ST Skin Therapy + Nuvusym Age Defying Formula

The complete health package for younger looking skin. Not only does this combination reduce and eliminate wrinkles, it also gives your skin a fresh, vibrant and youthful appearance. Enriched with Collagen and Resveratrol and other proprietary blends. Lubrisim-ST (Skin Therapy) is a collagen enriched daily supplement for enhance the youthful look of the skin and has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and aging of the skin. Great for acheiving a youthful appearance!

Novusym-ADF (Age Defying Formula) is a highly concentrated proprietary blend conatianing 'Resveratrol', a clinically proven anti-aging formula. This is the same ingredient found in low amounts in red wines. Recently the media has exploited the benefits of red wine and Resveratrol. Unfortunately, you would need to drink somewhere between 200-300 glasses of red wine a day to see any real results. Luckily, we have extracted pure Resveratrol here for you in our Novusym-ADF product. Get this great combination and start looking and feeling more youthful.




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