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Fortifem Hormone Support

Fortifem-HS is an advanced formula developed for maintaining and leveling optimal female hormone support naturally. This complete formula was formulated to obtain the correct levels of hormones for a perfect healthy balance. The active ingredients have been clinically proven to balance and keep balanced the hormone levels in the female body. Thus, preventing many conditions and ailments that is caused by improperly balanced hormones. The two female hormones, estrogen and progesterone exist in a very delicate balance. Variations in this balance can cause many adverse health effects.

In the normal menstruation cycle, estrogen is only produced for 10-12 days. Ovulation then tells the female body to produce progesterone and then the hormones are now in balance. Progesterone sustains the endomentrium, so it can receive the fertilized egg if pregnancy occurs. If there is no pregnancy, then the body stops producing both hormones, and then menstruation occurs. This natural combination of herbs and natural ingredients ensures proper balance and supplies the proper nutrients needed to maintain healthy levels of progesterone and estrogen when needed.


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