Peyronies Disease


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Are you dealing with the annoying effects of penile curvature? If so, you are not alone. An estimated 10% of men Bent Penis Treatmentworldwide are also dealing with this condition, just like you. Many men do not understand the cause of this condition, or what creates the curvature. Typically, Peyonie’s curvature is caused from an injury to area. This could be from a variety of things, such as: sexual intercourse, surgical procedures and other blunt force trauma. Other causes of Peyronie’s disease, is from natural genetics. Some cases are genetically passed down from family. Most cases of penile curvature in general, seem to involve men over the age of 40-yrs old.

What Are The Treatment Options For Peyronie’s Disease?

Commonly, Urologists and medical doctors will recommend Vitamin E dosages, for example. To date, there is no known man to overcome Peyronie’s from just consuming Vitamin E products. These same doctors will also recommend a variety of other options and procedures ranging from: Surgical removal of the scar tissue lump to Verpamil injection shots, and everything in between. Unfortunately, it seems as if they have no real clear solution for this problem.

Peyronie's Disease


Many of the people we help, say they asked their Urologist about these products that we offer here online. Many of these doctors are quick to shoot them down and say they ‘don’t work’. However, we would like to beg to differ this opinion. Clinical Nutraceuticals™ sends out random surveys of our customers dealing with Peyronie’s Disease to monitor the progress of the treatments. We regularly receive back amazing reviews of men that have corrected the scar tissue lump and straightened out their curvature by following the recommended regimen outlined on this page. Results times do vary from person to person, due to immune strength, body weight and severity of scar tissue mass, for example.

How The Correction Process Works:

Our Nattolizyme™ And Serranex-FT™ products are highly powerful natural proteolytic and systemic enzyme products. These natural based enzymes from both the silk worm and fermented soy beans, have extremely high fibrinolytic activity. ‘Fibrinolytic’, meaning, once the enzymes reach your blood stream, they begin working to break down any fibrous matter. Such of that as scar tissue ‘fibrin’ in the penis. Sometimes men report they can feel the lump on the exterior, under the skin. Other men report not being able to see or feel a lump. This is typically because the scar mass is more on the interior of the penis, and not visible.

Peyronies Disease Treatments


Peyronie sThis process is highly effective, but does not happen overnight. One must be prepared to continue a regimen until the plaque has been completely broken down, and curvature straightened. This process varies in time. Results have been noted from anywhere between 2-8+ months. The most successful window seems to fall between 4-6 months of following the recommended dosage instructions inclusive of your Peyronie’s health package. Most men are confident of the products ability to work, when they see the pain and inflammation (if any) subside during the first 30-days.

Bent Penis Treatment

We recommend taking our highly concentrated Vitamin D3 10,000 IU liquid filled gelcaps, with your enzyme package. This ‘Cholicalciferol’ ingredient has been clinically proven to highly boost the immune system. This immune boost is necessary to assist the body in the repair process. This specially formulated Vitamin D3 liquid also help to reconnect the damaged scar tissues and inflammation cause by the Peyronies curvature.


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