High Blood Pressure

Natural High Blood Pressure Medication That Works

If you have high blood pressure and are considering or are currently taking a prescribed hydrochlorthiazide, please keep reading. You can avoid prescribed medications that can cause long term side effects and get similar results by using all natural products. Enzyme therapy has been used widely for many years for high blood pressure and to reduce bad HDL cholesterol levels.

It is most popular in countries like Japan, where it was discovered and used in hospitals regularly. These all natural proteolytic and sytemic enzymes are designed to cleanse the blood and remove any cholesterol caused plaque from your arterial walls. This ‘cleaning’ reduces blood pressure naturally, by allowing a smoother flow throughout your cardiovascular system. Please watch this short video below, further explaining this method.


Dr. Lee Cowden, MD Recommends Serrapeptase,

An Anti-Fibrinolytic

Enzyme For Cardiovascular Health

Serrapeptase & Nattokinase The Perfect Enzyme Combination for

Lowering Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Naturally

Both enzymes are derived from natural resources that restore the cardiovascular system successfully. The Serrapeptase enzyme is derived from the secretion that silk worms secret when leaving their cocoons. Nattokinase comes from a concentrated fermenting process with soy beans. You can read about the cardiovascular powers of Nattokinase by reading this short article from WebMD by clicking here.

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