Female Hormone Balancing

Natural Female Hormone Balancing Support Product

Fortifem-HS™ is our in house brand for balancing estrogen and progesterone levels effectively in women. This all natural advanced product formulation contains ingredients shown in studies to naturally support balance to these levels safely, without any harmful chemical additives or side effects. Often times, imbalanced hormone levels in women can lead to many reproductive system conditions, such as uterine fibroids, uterine cysts and other unnatural growths and conditions. It is also believed that this imbalance can even effect mood and daily life disruption.



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Other Recommendations For Hormone Regularity

Many women have found that progesterone levels are the most common of the two hormone levels that are lacking. Natural ProgesteroneWe recommend pairing this product with a Progesterone cream that can add additional levels of this hormone to your system. We recommend a product called: Progesta-Care Plus from Life Flo. This product is developed by physicians and is scientifically formulated. You can learn more details about usage, ordering and more by clicking the link below.



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