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Your doctor may have gave you limited options when it comes to relief from Cystic Fibrosis. Unfortunately, this event is not uncommon. When patients ask their doctor about our, or any natural health alternatives, it is common you will get little useful information or a reply advising not to take them. Why is this, you may be thinking. Many people ask us this same question. Medical doctors spend their entire college years and ongoing education on prescription medication only. They often times lack proper understanding of effective natural supplements and alternative treatment options for such conditions as Cystic Fibrosis.

Proteolytic and Systemic Enzymes are natural mucus, fluid and liquid removing agents that can succesfully clear the lungs and improve breathing without any harsh side effects. Clinical studies have proven and recommend them for people with chronic airway disease and especially those including fluid or ‘sputum’ lung fluid build-ups. Read an example of this type of clinical study by clicking here.


Pictured below: Serranex-FT & Nattolizyme Safe Enzyme Products For Cystic Fibrosis

Proteolytic & Systemic Enzymes

Nattolizyme™ & Serranex-FT™ For Cystic Fibrosis Relief

Nattolizyme, is our advanced proprietary Natto NS2 Brand Nattokinase is a powerful enzymatic blend containing also Rutin and Serratiopetidase enzymes. Serranex-FT (Fibrinolytic Therapy) is our highly concentrated pure 120,000 IU Serrapeptase enzyme brand. We recommend taking the two together to achieve clear lungs and improved breathing from Cystic Fibrosis. If you are currently taking a prescribed blood thinning medication, such as a ‘Plavix’ or a ‘Coumadin’, we do not recommend taking these enzymes together.

Recommended Dosage: We recommend taking (2) Nattolizyme Capsules daily. (1) in the morning and (1) at night time. Empty stomach is preferred.  Serranex-FT, (2) in the morning and (1) at night. Empty stomach as well (30-45 minutes before a meal, or 2-3 hours after). Those under the age of 18 must take under supervision of an adult, and is recommended to first get guidance from a licensed medical practitioner prior to usage.

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