Complete Body Detox

Complete Body Detoxing | Blood & Organ Cleansing Method

Are you interested in giving your body a complete cleansing and flushing of unwanted toxins? If so, you may not have heard of doing what is called an ‘enzyme therapy’ regimen. Proteolytic & Systemic enzymes are derived from natural resources. Most of which, come from the enzyme secreted by the silk worm when it leaves its cocoon. This type of enzyme is very popular and has many medical benefits. Serratiopeptidase enzyme was first discovered by Japanese researches over 20-years ago. It is now widely used a prescribed medication for various conditions in many countries worldwide.

Serranex Nattolizyme


Another form of enzyme that is highly popular, is called ‘Nattokinase’. For short, the medical world often refers to it as ‘Natto’. Natto is derived from a concentrated fermenting process of soy beans.  This amazing enzyme supplement has been clinically tested in proven for many amazing health improving scenarios. Serratiopeptidase and Nattokinase naturally seek out and ‘chew up’ built up matters such as cholesterol plaque on artery walls. These same highly safe enzymes are proven to lower both cholesterol and high blood pressure levels. Systemic enzymes such as these, cleanse the blood and internal organs that keep us health and living well day to day.

These same enzymes have also been proven in clinical studies to be more of an effective natural ‘NSAID’ (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug) than those commonly sold over the counter, like Ibuprofens. So, not only do these enzymes cleanse the entire body and safely remove and digest unwanted toxins, they also reduce inflammation in joints, tissue and cartilage. Making the day to day pains and soreness natural go away.


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